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Windows Keylogger

Benefits of using Windows Keylogger.

1. Micro Keylogger is a spyware that will enable you to protect your children from the negative content on the Internet, for example violence and even pornography.

2. This Windows Keylogger creates comprehensive reports with all the data it has recorded. In addition, it will send them either via FTP or email to you.

3. Ability to capture screenshots and clipboards, which will alllow you to see exactly what your child, spouse or employee is viewing.

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Aobo Mac Keylogger

The Aobo Mac Keylogger now enables you to quietly monitor activities on your Mac. The Aobo Keylogger has many features: 1. Capture desktop screenshot at an interval you determing. 2. Record chats on social networks and IM programs like Skype 3. Remotely emails all the logs to you. These are just a sample of the things Aobo Keylogger Mac can do.

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